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Auszubildende des Lämmermarktes in Dublin
Seit dem 6. März 2022 befinden sich 20 Auszubildende des Lämmermarktes in Dublin und nehmen an dem Kurs „Kaufmann-/frau International“ der irischen Handelskammer teil. Diese Woche finden die Zertifikatsprüfungen statt – der Lämmermarkt wünscht viel Erfolg!

Vocational School: International Trade Specialist

Students are trained on the job as import and export specialists by their respective training companies. The  training period ranges from two to three years. As an integral part of their training trainees attend the vocational college “Am Lämmermarkt” for two days a week from 8.00 – 14.00 hrs.

The following subjects are taught at school:

  • Purchasing and distribution
  • Finance and logistics
  • Cost accounting and controlling
  • Politics and law
  • Business English

In addition to English students choose at least one of the following foreign languages:

  • Spanish or
  • French

After completing the training and the final examinations successfully trainees are awarded the degree “International Trade Specialist” by the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce.

Index of import and export companies which offer a training
Please click on the link below for information on training companies participating in the programme:

Verzeichniss der Ausbildungsbetriebe

If you have further questions, please contact:  

Maren Gratopp
Head of Vocational School “Am Lämmermarkt”
Wallstraße 2
22087 Hamburg

Tel. 0049 40 428 86 17 18
Fax. 0049 40 428 86 17 44